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Whitecap Winery of Door County was inspired by the whitecap waves on the lakes that surround us with their strength, boldness and beauty which characterize our wines and how we produce them. . Our new labels, depicting crashing waves at the Plum Island lighthouse were created by a well known local artist.  Our grapes are harvested by family, friends and neighbors and many local businesses are serving and selling our wines.  We are proud of being a winery that is known for our local connections starting from our family roots, to the grapes we grow, to the wine in your glass. 


Producing flavorful wines first begins with understanding which grape varieties do well on the tip of the peninsula of Door County.

We chose grapes that are cold climate grapes and are also disease resistant that have the potential to make good wine.

The names of our wines are the names of the grapes from which they are made.  Marquette wine is made from Marquette grapes, for example. From the pruning of the vines in spring to harvest in the fall, we pay attention to the best practices to produce quality wines.

Licensed Professionals

Award winning wine


Finger Lakes New York International Wine competition

Award winning wine

Petite Pearl

International Cold Climate Wine Competition


First-Rate Materials

Award winning wine


International Cold Climate Wine competition




Frontenac wine is deeply colored, typically presenting aromas of black cherry and other red fruits. Frontenac wines have an earthy and slightly smokey flavor.

Petite Pearl

Petite Pearl has a red garnet color. It shows complexity in aroma and flavor, tasting of ripe fruit with soft mid-mouth tannins.



Petite Pearl Rosé has a wonderful tart cherry nose and a light red fruit flavor.


Beachstone is a white blend combined with St. Pepin and Brianna grapes to make a nice light fruit-forward wine. Beachstone has tropical notes of pineapple and pear on the nose.



Marquette is a complex wine with attractive ruby color and pronounced tannins, often with notes of cherry, berry, black pepper and spice.

St. Pepin

St. Pepin is a semi-sweet crisp wine with a light fruity aroma. Notes of pear and lemon.



Brianna is a light, semi-dry table wine with grapefruit, tropical and floral characteristics with a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor.

Gills Rock Red

Gills Rock Red is red blend wine that is an easy-drinking, anytime dry blend wine. It has notes of red fruit and has medium body.

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